SilverStone Primera PM02

Published 2 months ago


  • ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1070 8GB
  • Intel i5-8600K Unlocked 12-Core CPU
  • ASUS PRIME Z370-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
  • SilverStone SST-TD03-Slim Liquid cooling Slim
  • SilverStone Primera PM02 Case
  • 16GB Intel Optane Memory
  • 1TB WD Cavier Blue Hard Drive
  • Asus AC1200 AC55BT WiFi PCI-E Card
  • 550W Silverstone ET550-G PSU

First Impressions

This Case is something I've always wanted from SilverStone which I feel they couldn't really offer up until now. It pretty much has all the same features as the larger PM01 but squashed down into a smaller form factor. It feels really solid & has a thick layer of white glossy paint which is surprising as it is particularly light.

Build Difficulty

The PM02 is extremely easy to build with, you can effortlessly conduct cable management with plenty of room to hide the excess. They have added a hinged bracket on the back which holds in the peripherals, you'll still need to make sure you have them screwed in though, as they fall out easily.

SuperSpeed (USB 3.1)

To utilize all the USB3 ports (including the USB3.1) you'll need a Motherboard with two USB3 headers. Also, the max length of USB Type-C (USB3.1) is 1000mm, the internal cabling already uses 600mm of that, so the max cable length you should use when plugging in devices is 400mm.

Radiator Installation

This is one of easiest Cases to install a Radiator, especially for beginners. The Case supports the following Radiator configurations:
  • Front: 120mm, 240mm, 280mm & 360mm.
  • Rear: 120mm & 140mm.
  • Top: 120mm, 240mm, 280mm.
    Note: Clearance between top of Motherboard & Case ceiling is 29mm.


This is by far the coolest thing about this Case, SilverStone have created a hologram logo on the front which casts out onto your desk. This is the first vendor I have seen incorporate this. It was easily visible even in my bright Office environment, so it would look even cooler in a dull lit room. I'm interested to see how this develops in the future, either from SilverStone or other vendors. No doubt there will be an RGB version of this in the near future.


Usually when building with a new Case, I get excited about a new feature or I get frustrated at the lack thereof. For the first time I didn't really feel one way or the other. I really think this is an example of a well balanced Case, with functionality, form & at a price point which doesn't break the bank.

Pricing & availability

You can pick this up in New Zealand for $199 from Mighty Ape, they are well known for their fast shipping & excellent customer service.

The PM02 is not avaialble anywhere until February 2018. The Case reviewed in this article was a pre-production sample.
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Archived Comments:
H N says: Looks great! How much did you get the case for? I can’t find pricing info anywhere. Fri Dec 8 2017
Matt says: You can pick it up from Mighty Ape for $199 NZD :-) Fri Dec 8 2017
Matt says: - Added Pricing & availability section. Fri Dec 8 2017
LM says: Hello! I've found your blog looking for some infos about this new case from Silverstone. It appears this is the first build log based on this new case, so i guess congratulations are in order :). Also, nice review. Can you be so kind and help me with a dilemma i have about the case? More precisely, i need to find out something about the front fans placement. Can they be installed further front, i mean between that frame they are screwed on and the removable front panel? Hope my question makes some sense, english is not my native language :). Thanks! Sat Dec 9 2017
Matt says: Hi LM! Thanks! SilverStone designed the case to have the Radiator & fans mounted on the inside, not on the outside (between the front grill & chassis) however I think there is enough room to fit at least 2 fans in that gap, I'll try it on Monday & get back to you :-) Sat Dec 9 2017
LM says: Awesome! Thank you very much :). If 2 140 mm fans can be fitted between the front grill and the chassis this Primera 02 will be my next case for sure. Thanks again for helping and looking forward to confirm this for sure when your time wiĺl allow. Have a great weekend :)! Sat Dec 9 2017
HN says: Thanks for the info! Easy pick over the S340 elite if you ask me! Sat Dec 9 2017
Matt says: No worries! Yeah, I'd have to agree with you, I've built allot with the S340 & S340 Elite, & it is just as aesthetically pleasing but from a build perspective the PM02 was noticeably easier to deal with so definitely my prefereance :-) Sat Dec 9 2017
Matt says: Hi LM! I tried today & can confirm you are able to mount 2 x 140mm fans on the front with ease, however this will be at the cost of the front fan filter which will need to be removed completely to make them fit. Will update with photos tonight :-) Mon Dec 11 2017
LM says: Hi Matt! These are great news for me! Now i will just have to wait for this case to be available in Europe and i am getting it for sure. Thanks again for helping me with this dilemma and clearing the issue i had about the placement of the fans in the front of the case :). Have a great day :)! Mon Dec 11 2017
Matt says: No worries, all the best with your build :-) Mon Dec 11 2017
Matt says: Added photos of front fan install. Mon Dec 11 2017
Zach says: Excellent write up! Thanks for the info.

I have been looking for a case which can accommodate a top mounted 280mm radiator(EK P280 45mm thick) as well as fans.
It appears this case house the mounts, but I'm wondering if there would be clearance between it and the top of the motherboard? Could you confirm?

Thanks Fri Dec 22 2017
Matt says: Hi Zach! The clearance between the Motherboard & the Case ceiling is only 29mm and due to the fact that the mount holes for the Radiator force it to be positioned center, rather than closer to the Window, it's likely the Radiator will hit the RAM. It seems ceiling clearance is a common issue in most Cases which vendors are releasing these days... Fri Dec 22 2017