In Win 805 Infinity Red/Black Build

Published over 1 year ago
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If you can imagine unboxing all your components & installing them in an oven, some similarities would exist between that & the 805 Inifinity Case:
  1. There is only 1 fan.
  2. You can cook your components in it.

In my opinion, 2017 ended badly for the PC Case market. Most manufacturers opted for overpriced, showy, tempered glass designs, while neglecting the most important feature of all; cooling performance.

Tempered glass is everywhere now, including the back panel. I don't hate it, however I feel that having it tinted is counterintuitive, you can't see your cable management easily. It makes me wonder: why make it glass if your just going to tint it? It's like having glass windows in your house that are painted black, may as well just make it a wall.

Cooling Performance

Or lack thereof. The Case comes with a single extractor fan, you can't add more.

To assist with the terrible cooling performance, In-Win forces you to install your power supply with the fan facing upwards. Which gives you another extractor fan at no extra cost. Fantastic.

It's like breathing through a straw. No matter how many fans you throw at it, it's not going to make much of a difference.

If you must have this Case, I would suggest runing with a Graphics Card with a blower design to extract the hot air through itself & outside the back of the Case, this should improve cooling performance. Alternatively, don't use it for gaming.


The photos speak for themselves, with the right hardware this Case looks epic. I went for a red & blue theme for contrast. You need to give yourself more time for cable management on this Case, mainly because it will allow you to close the window without cracking it. You can't really sit on glass to force it shut. I found a cavity between the front glass panel and the Chassis which was a handy place to get rid of any excess cables.

I braced the Graphics Card from a hole above which helps avoid any long term sagging. Another trick I always find helpful on any build, is to rotate the Case sideways, it makes it much easier to install the Motherboard & Graphics Card.


The In Win 805 comes with handy plastic clips to assist with conducting tidy cable management. They are essentially useless though because the tape they supplied with the clips don't hold to the Case for more than 30 seconds. Kudos to them for supplying clips, they were really handy, but I had to use my own 3M VHB Tape to keep the clips attached the Case long term.

The 805 Infinity Red/Black doesn't include an RGB strip, I tried using a DeepCool Magnetic strip which sticks to 99% of Cases I build with, it doesn't stick to this Case though so it would be recommend to get yourself a reel of 3M VHB Tape as you'll be needing a fair bit of it by the time your done with this Case.


It's not the worst Case in the world by any means. The 805 Infinity is a show Rig, it's designed to be shown off which is wonderful. It is a highly competitive market though & there is definitely room for improvement. I'd like to see more consideration made to the cooling design this year, particularly around the intake surface area. I'm interested to see what they come up with in 2018.