Cooler Master H500P Unboxing

Published over 1 year ago
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For a completely unbiased opinion, I never read reviews or check the pricing of a product before writing an article. I also never check the specifications or features, so everything I see is kept fresh & becomes a surprise. As far as I knew, this Case existed but I never got a chance to build with it until now.

First Impressions

It’s known that Cooler Master are not short on supplying additional accessories & mod cons, upon opening the box I noticed the Case included a Silver Stone branded carry bag. I haven’t seen this in other Cooler Master Cases so this was a nice touch.

Radiator Compatibility

Cooler Master leave allot more room between the top of the Motherboard & the Radiator so you won’t have any issues mounting even a push pull setup on the ceiling. Initially I ran with a push setup but later changed to pull so I could see the LED fans through the top perspex window.

Build difficulty

This Case really does look epic in person but I noticed as I began to move the Case across my desk for the first time, the front face fell out really easily. This is a cheap plastic facade which is not securely attached to the Case, it would have been nice to have the ability to screw it in.

The core chassis is flimsy & easily bendable with sharp edges. On the rear there is a black cover which hides the back of the CPU area on the Motherboard. Not really sure where they were going with this, so I just removed it.

Fans & RGB

Both the front fans include separate fan & RGB connectors.


This is a very practical case with everything you need for almost any build configuration, it’s one of the few cases I can say is completely idiot proof for installing radiators. quality isn’t one of it’s strengths but it really does make up for that in aesthetic appeal. I wish they offered a more expensive model with glass windows & a thicker more solid chassis but it definitely suits its target market.