MSI RX580 Gaming X Unboxing

Published over 1 year ago
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    Specs & features

  • 1393 MHz / 8100 MHz (Overclock Mode)
  • 1380 MHz / 8000 MHz (Game Mode)
  • 1340 MHz / 8000 MHz (Silent Mode)
  • 8GB GDDR5
  • Adjustable LED's

First Impressions

The MSI RX580 is presented very well with good quality packaging & includes a paper sleeve with all the drivers & manuals tucked inside, it says allot as most vendors don't really bother anymore with presentation. There was no factory seal sticker though on the box, so you'll never really know for sure if your Card has been opened by the retailer or not, something which kinda irritates me a little. When you buy expensive components, you don't want to be getting someone's second hand change of mind item.

The spider

With the added cost of packaging, they haven't skimped on the Graphics Card, it's heavy & has an impresive cooler which is built to a high quality.


    What are the differences between the RX580 and the RX570?
  • More than 35% lower power (120w vs 185w)
  • Double the memory (8192 MB vs 4096 MB)
  • Higher clock speed (2000 MHz vs 1750 MHz)